Meet the Owners

Chris and Kassy

As avid lovers of the outdoors since childhood, Chris and Kassy have been involved in many different adventures. From hiking the river valleys in Alberta, tackling the ski hills of BC, grizzly bear guiding in the Great Bear rainforest, snorkeling, diving, and backcountry camping. They are up for pretty much anything that leads to an adventure. After moving to Campbell River in 2011, their eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities for adventure. 

As their love for the west coast grew they decided it was time for the next adventure – which was to move to Quadra and become owners of Quadra Island Kayaks!

Meet the Staff

Christine Walsh

Originally an east coaster (often heard saying “Stay where your at and I’ll come where you’re to”), made her way west three years ago. She began her paddling adventures in New Zealand inspiring her to continue education in Adventure Tourism in Newfoundland.

After receiving her diploma out east the wild west called and she found her way to Quadra Island. Christine routinely has the “love giggles” and thoroughly enjoys the colourful characters that cross her path. Ask Christine about inter-tidal zones and marine biology and you will be surely entertained and delighted.

Danielle Manson

Danielle’s love of paddling started as a child at her family cabin in the lakes of northern Ontario. She followed her passion for nature by studying Natural Environment Conservation at Sault College. After graduating she worked with outdoor schools inspiring children to build connections to nature and follow their curiosities. Through the years she has enjoyed many kayak and canoe adventures in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. When Danielle completed her Assistant Overnight Guide certitifaction in 2018 with the SKGABC in Haida Gwaii, it was her first introduction to the ocean and she was blown away by marine wildlife and intertidal critters. She initially came to Quadra Island Kayaks for a summer job but immediately fell in love with the land, ocean and amazing people and she has been here ever since.

Bill Burns

Growing up in the farmlands of Eastern Ontario, Bill spent his childhood adventuring through forests and streams on foot, by bike and row boat. His nature-based lifestyle was taken away when he decided to move to Ottawa to pursue post-secondary studies. Constantly scheming up microadventures to get out of the city, finding unsuspecting friends to join him on these mini-epics, his thirst for adventure continued to grow. With a looming travel shutdown, Bill and his partner packed up their things and moved West. Spending the last two years at Thompson Rivers University taking their Adventure Studies program, Bill has developed a wide range of skills from swiftwater rescue, whitewater and sea kayaking, mountaineering, and ski touring. He’s currently splitting his time between working for an NGO serving the world’s most vulnerable people, adventuring on personal trips, and guiding.

Christian Gianfagna

My name is Christian. When kayaking I love that at any moment you may get to see a huge variety of wildlife, that it is an eco-friendly way to explore and that it enables you to go where no boats can go so you can find some secret hidden beaches. Everyone has done the flop and drop where you sit by the pool for the majority of the holiday, I believe that getting out there and having an exciting adventure creates the best memories!

Madison Waugh

Hello, my name is Madison. My love for guiding started in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, as a dogsled tour guide. This summer I will be trading in my sled for a kayak. I am wildly excited to be a part of Quadra Island’s Kayaks & Adventures. Before I fell in love with the guiding industry, I spent my days lifeguarding & teaching swimming lessons in my home town of Taber Alberta. In my free time I was a competitive swimmer and trained for several Spartan races around North America. I have always loved the water, especially the Ocean; it is truly magical. Looking forward to experiencing that magic with you.

Rich Jones

Hey everyone! My name is Rich and I’m from a little town called Albrighton in England. I will be one of the day guides at Quadra Island Kayaks this season. I paddled here a few times last summer and dived here this winter, and I very quickly fell in love with the abundance of life that Quadra Island has to offer. So, I’m super excited to be a part of the Quadra Island Kayak guiding team and I look forward to getting out on the water with you all! 

Nic Routledge 

Born and raised on Quadra island, Nic has been surrounded by ocean adventures throughout his life. Though It wasn’t until he met the amazing community of paddlers on the coast that he got swept into the current of being a kayak guide. A current no eddy could sweep him from! 

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